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Italy is waiting for you, and intends to enhance and reward your talents.

Admission to one of the IYT courses offers the opportunity of being beneficiary of scholarships, partial or total tuition fee exemption, student support services. The best students part of the IYT Programme will be offered scholarships, sponsored by our partners and our main corporate sponsors. The scholarship is worth 8.100 euro per year and, in case of attendance of a two year course,  it can be renewed for the second academic year. 

As a general rule, there is no maximum number of scholarships per course and full tuition fee exemption is granted to the IYT students (some small administrative costs are nonetheless due to the University).


- For some courses, a maximum number of scholarships is established; in this case, the IYT applicant will have the option to select another course as a second choice (please note that prior to the IYT application, admission for both courses should have been sent to the Universities)

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Application Deadline: JANUARY 31, 2019